With an original purpose of housing a car, and a huge proportion using their garage purely for additional storage, it can be hard to imagine this blocky space in any other way. 
The great thing is there are lots of fantastic options, all with the ability to transform your living arrangements. We'd say the only downfall is deciding just exactly what to do with it. We hope to inspire your decision since a well executed conversion can not only increase the value of your home but also drastically improve the overall look and feel of your property. Whether it's to become a recreational or a work space, a place for relaxation, self-improvement or fun, we hope to help you unlock the potential for a whole extra room in your home. 

1. A Home Office 

Has working from home become a more permanent situation? Or perhaps you recently started a business or sideline? A dedicated workspace not only increases productivity but can be fitted to suit your personal needs, including clever storage options, plenty of power points, the perfect lighting and even a meeting area for those important business powwows. 

2. An Extra Bedroom 

A handy option for growing families or creating a useful guest room for visiting family and friends. Put them up in style in a beautiful and private space, separate to your main home. Don't blame us if they don't want to leave! 

3. A Teenage Funzone 

Did we say teenage? We reckon there are plenty of adults who would enjoy having this space in their home too. A pool table, darts board, gaming setup... the options for this cool hangout zone are endless. Whatever helps you - or your offspring - unwind, opting for this type of space also welcomes quality family interaction and socialising time. 

4. A Creative Haven 

Whether you're a budding photographer, dab hand with a brush, a budding baker or a whizz at stitching, could your garage become the new home for your artistic flare? Invite plenty of natural light with large windows and include a spacious desk for working. Depending on your particular talent or interest, this area can be fitted to your needs whether that's a dark cupboard for developing or a kitchenette for cooking. Unleash your inner creativity! 

5. A Utility Room 

Some garages are fairly narrow and a great usage can be extending the current facilities of your kitchen - or even for keeping your laundry and appliances separate to the main kitchen area. Reduce noise and clutter in the heart of your home, plus free up surfaces and cupboards for creating those culinary masterpieces. 
Image Source Architect Your Home 
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6. An Open-Plan Living Space 

Depending on the floorplan of your home, moving or repositioning internal walls of an existing, adjoining garage could help a traditional kitchen, diner or sitting room evolve into a modern-day open space. This trend took off a couple of years ago and is a continuing preference with ever-soaring searches by buyers seeking this style, plus new-builds incorporating it as standard. 

7. A Multi-Purpose Space 

If your garage is an awkward shape or is positioned in a way that doesn't obviously lend itself to a particular use, then a multi-purpose, comfortable and inviting space could be the option for you. A place to escape the hustle and bustle of the main home, relax and perhaps read a book or enjoy the afternoon sunshine. 

8. Home Cinema 

Netflix and chill in style with your very own cinema room. The existing shape of most garages lends itself to this conversion, making it an appealing and tempting option for movie buffs and TV-lovers alike. 

9. Your Very Own Bar 

This is a choice that has definitely increased in popularity since the first lockdown in 2020. If you can't get to the pub, then why not bring it to you? You decide the layout and which features of your local watering hole you want to incorporate. Double doors can open up onto your garden and patio, developing on any existing out-door dining or party areas. The place to be will sit right on your doorstep. Now, what to call it? 

10. A Health Suite 

Create an amazing, comfortable workout area in your home. No more waiting for equipment to become available. 
But if you're not so keen on bringing the gym to your home, you could always go for a spa theme and house a hot tub and sauna in the space instead. Home gyms are a growing area of interest with an all-round shift toward healthier lifestyles. 
We are industry leaders when it comes to garage conversions, so if you have a questions, need help or advice, you need only ask. Create something truly special without the disruption or expense associated with extending. 
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